Interactive brand experience

We create stories that enable users to experience your brand
by interactive media.

Stories that we create…

We treat every campaign individually.
It is an opportunity to pursue new ideas and to maintain fresh attitude.
Let us surprise you with our concepts and point of view.



A role-playing game designed for Plus na Kartę (Plus Prepaid Offer) with the use of multiple Internet communication tools. A user acting as a detective solving crime mystery.


Plus / Non-standard CAMPAIGN

A campaign prepared for 36,6 brand popularizing the TurboDymoMan brand hero. A number of non-standard advertising formats, viral marketing and customized activities.

Dream New Year`s Eve

Credit Agricole / CONTEST

Campaign addressed to young people that used the trend of ‘groupness’. It encouraged users to open a bank account and gain points to win a Dream New Year's Eve, which could be configured on the competition site.

our customers

We work for customers in Poland and abroad with most of whom we build solid, long-term relationships.

See how we work:

For over 11 years we have been focused on delivering complex digital strategies to our clients. We are and have always been up-to-date with new technologies.
Only in 1999 we made first interactive creations in Poland
and in 2000 we introduced rich media creations.


Analysis means a study. We ask questions and search for answers. We analyze a target group and check the touchpoints. We look for ideas on how to reach consumers cheaply and effectively and verify what communication evokes positive emotions.


Ideas are changed into stories which enable to experience a brand. No matter what the nature of a campaign is, if it is a sale campaign or a non-standard action using social networks, blogs or competitions, we always make sure our stories are remembered. We want consumers to talk about them.


We all are visualizers and aesthetes. The devil is in the details, that is why we bring our banners and websites, graphics and animation, words and information architecture to perfection. We make sure visual layer is effective, transparent and nice.


There are no impossible solutions for us. We make rich media creations and plan solutions that combine activities in social networks, display advertisements, mobile apps and the Internet infrastructure. With the use of e-point technological potential, we can offer safe and elastic solutions enabling us to perform every type of campaigns and activities on the net.


Our work does not finish when a campaign is launched. By cooperating with a media house, we can analyze the campaign, competitor`s activities as well as test a creation to find areas that need to be optimized.

"The internet is our passion,
 we like and understand this medium"

Mariusz Majewski

We are a well-knit team that works fast and smoothly.

From the beginning our agency is led by Mariusz Majewski, a perfectionist and a digital media passionate for 15 years. We are also a member of IAB Poland.